Who We Are

We are a close family business and are currently in our second generation. We are based on our natural lavender farm in the North Yorkshire countryside and as a dedicated brother and sister (Sam and Emma) team we run Napzzz.co.uk which has grown out of Yorkshire Lavender, the popular local attraction set up by our father.

Why A Website About Sleep?

The connection with sleep, of course, comes through our experience of running Yorkshire Lavender. Lavender, through the ages, has been well known for its sleep inducing properties and with many of our visitors buying lavender products to help aid their own sleep, it was an easy jump to create a website all about this nightly ritual.

Emma in one of our lavender fields

What we do:
We have always understood the importance of quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly products that are naturally beautiful. It is our passion for these products that has prompted us to research and find items that fulfill these descriptions so we can share them with you. We may be growing in size however our local values remain and that’s why every customer experience is important to us. We want you not only to have the best sleep inducing products but the best customer service too.

Why we do it:
Having been fortunate to be brought up in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside we care deeply about the environment that we live in and the great joy it can bring us. This is why the products we sell must provide the same sense of delight and share their natural benefits.

How we do it:
We think long and hard before adding a product to the website. Each product must fit our strict criteria. This includes being made from well sourced materials, kind to the earth, beautiful and easy to use. We test every product we supply, to ensure we’re passing on great products that are good for you and good for the world as well.

When we do it:
Unlike many companies who order the stock when you do, we already have your products waiting to be shipped. That’s why we post them within 24 hours of you completing your checkout online. We believe if you want or need a naturally beautiful product you shouldn’t have to wait 28 days to receive it.